Q: Why would cylinder #2 misfire and no others? on 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I had a cracked cylinder head between #3&4 so I got a reman cylinder and replaced the head along with all the gaskets. Since then I have been having #2 cylinder misfires. I only really noticed it when idling or when at a stop light but after a couple days I noticed more as I was accelerating.
Things that I have done.
Replaced the spark plugs.
Replaced the coil.
Swapped the injector with one from another cylinder that wasnt having any issues and it worked fine the other cylinder didnt start misfiring so I dont believe that is the problem.
Replaced the puchrods and lifters.
I had the reman head looked at and the valves resealed.
I took it to the Jeep dealer and they had it for 2 weeks and finally gave up on it.
They said the compression was good they checked the wiring and it was good the pcm checked out. They checked the fuel pressure and it checked out good.
They swithed out the new plugs and coil that I bought and tried different ones.

When I had the head off I had a mechanic friends over and he looked at the cylinder walls and piston and they looked good because I was thinking of replacing them before I put it all back together so I didnt replace them.

Anyone have any other ideas I could look into?
According to the code 302 it is only the #2 cylinder that is misfiring.
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