Q: why would car not want to shift gears sometimes and shift fine at other times? on 1994 Buick Park Avenue

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sometimes my cars starts and runs just fine. sometines it takes a few miles and about 3,000 rpms to get it out of 1st gear. it is very inconsistant running great at times and than not shifting gears normally at time. it dosn,t seem to have anything to do with engine tempature. someone told me there is a sensor of some kind plugged in to the transmission that might be bad? where would that be located?
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it could be a vaccum modulator if equip with it. look on rear of trans tail shaft,it looks like a little bell with one vac line hooked to it. b4 replacing ck to may sure you have approx 17" of vac to it.also iv felt this issue with cars that have plugged fuel filters ck this also
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