Q: Why would both of my check engine lights be on? on 2007 Saturn Ion

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Both of my check engine lights come on and sends the car into reduced power mode. The code comes back with a bad throttle body. They have replaced my gas peddle four times and replaced the wiring harness and it's still doing it. They can't figure out the problem and I'm really getting sick of taking it in and paying more money for it not to be fixed. I have had it in the shop more times than I can count.
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I can't remember what the code was but I have had it in the shop so many times and it keeps pulling a code that means the throttle is bad so they replaced the gas pedal and after the forth pedal they realized that's not it. So after the replaced the wiring harness they said if that didn't fix it then they had no clue. That's not very comforting coming from a dealership. We had also replaced the gas cap thinking maybe that was it. That wasn't it either. I can have onstar pull the exact code.