Q: Why would an 88 town car with a 5.0 run and then die when it warms up? on 1990 Lincoln Town Car

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Car ran fine for a while then just died. Now it will start cold and run fine but when it gets warm it just dies. It has 40lbs fuel pressure and no spark. Anyone know what could cause this? Thanks
(3) Answers
The TFI ignition modual in the distributor is probably bad. It is cool by the distributor so when the engine gets hot the modual over heats. Most parts stores can test it for you but it takes a special socket to remove it.
Common Ford problem
You know... I had a problem just like this on an 82 corvette. I trouble-shot it to the throttle position sensor. I cleaned the contacts at the connector and the sensor with a short bristle brush and alcohol and it fixed it. It might not be your problem but it's easy and it's free so it's worth a try.