Q: why won't my car turn over. on 1995 Lexus ES300

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my brother said it to him once and it was corrosion on a wire attached from the hot battery cable to the starter. it needed jumped to get it home and drove great. now it won't turn over. nothing. the car is new to me and i don't have a clue. any advice (starter?)
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Was the corrosion and/or cable repaired/replaced as needed , or was it just jumped and that was it?
it was cleaned off and just jumped. it had to be jumped to get home where i proceeded to remove the key (do not have the card for the key) and the doors locked (security needed reset). took the hot wire from the battery which is only a 550cca. checked all fuses, tried to jump again. nothing. there is no dimming of lights etc.
Have you tried disconnecting the battery and charging it completly or getting a good battery?
yes.i put an 850cca battery out of another car and it still wouldn't start. it did the same thing. apparently also a not so good battery. i finally got a jump with good cables and (yea!), my car started. thanks for all the info.
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