Q: Why won't my 93' Taurus start? on 1993 Ford Taurus

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I was driving home from work and the eng quit running out of know where without any signs or warning. I luckily coasted all the way to my driveway and had put the car in neutral and tried to start it as I was coasting. It would only crank over but not start up. So I waited until I could put it in park to try it and still it will only crank over but won't start up. The car has a 3.0L eng in it and did seem to accelerate really slow and would have a rough idle every now and again and the fuel mileage seemed to be really poor of I filled it up I would only get like 275 miles on a tank of gas and that was strictly highway driving at only 75 mph. It just didn't seem to have the power that it should have but it's been this way since the car was given to me. The car was well taken car of as there isn't any rust spot on it whatsoever. The maintenance was always kept up on as well. But now I can't get it to start and before I start buying and replacing parts to try and figure it out I decided I would ask tkosee if anyone else has had this problem.
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We see these kind of problems every day. The problem for you is not having the tools to test it with. There's no magic bullet. First I would scan it for information on where to start. With no information it's back to basics, do the plugs fire, is there fuel to the fuel rails, does it have compression. These are the basics, then you might need to check to see if the injector have a pulse, and insure they are working. Don't through money at it, have it tested by a credible service center - It could save you some money.
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