Q: Why rusty orange fluid leak on Dodge Caravan driver side? on 2007 Dodge Caravan

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Radiator empty, but light did not reveal. Liquid in radiator gunky looking. Mechanic indicated heater issue and has temporarily rerouted the heater hose. Is this serious and expensive to repair? Happened first time this weekend and stopped driving until had mechanic look at it. Want 2nd opinion.
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How badly it overheated when/since it lost coolant , is an important part of being able to answer your question. Probably best , if you want a second opinion , is to get it to a different shop(preferably one you get good references for) and have them pressure test the cooling system and also test for blown head gasket. Depending on the color of the 'gunk' in the radiator , it might also be a bad trans cooler?
The temperature heat gauge never indicated remained on normal range! First indication something was wrong was I noticed the rust color fluid by my feet, leaking from under the console. I have no idea when it lost coolant. The vehicle operates fine with no symptoms of anything at all wrong except the interior leakage. All other fluid levels are okay. So strange!
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