Q: why no heat and water comes from exhaust pipe after loud noise under hood on 2001 Chrysler Concorde

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started car made loud noise under hood like something broke then stopped after a min.drove 30 miles oil light on then engine light on,no water in oil,drive 10 miles no heat,parked car to cool off no coolant and then replaced coolant then water from exhaust why?
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If you drove it 30 miles(?) with the oil light on and no coolant in the engine replace the engine!!
Or the car. Just curious, what engine is in the car? Although it don't matter.
we need more info what code did you get from engen light. is exhaust smoken what couler is it.dose the engen make nose when driving
ok it could of ben bake fire but till code you will know more exhaust will drip water be shere that it is not white and blue becouse that will tell you that there is antifreezz in exhaust