Q: Why my truck won't start on 2003 Ford Explorer

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Auto zone diagnosed my truck with code P2197 & P0206 2 days ago. My truck just shut off when I was driving and wouldn
t start back up. I order the fuel injector #6 and will also get the oxygen sensor that Auto Zone saids I need. But now I can't get the car started. My battery is fine. call the dealer ship they said have to towed to them, then $125.00 for the diagnostic test and then whatever next. Please Help Denise
(1) Answer
206 is an injector fault code for number 6 cylinder.
2197 is no switching on o2 sensor bank 2 sensor 1.
neither one will not cause the car not to start. they have to be diaged separately from a shop for the failed parts.

anyway, you need to have the fuel pressure checked, compression checked and spark checked as these are what is required for the motor to run. get it to a shop that can diaged the no start for you and give you a bid.