Q: why my sequoia turn engine off while Im driving. on 2001 Toyota Sequoia

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Every time when I make stop or thru slow traffic, happen that.
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Hello the problem seems to be a dirty throttle body and plate or it could be the E.C.M. due to a loose ground wire.Has the check engine light came on and have you had a diagmostic test performed at a qualified repair center.HAVE A BLESS DAY from DR.RECO.
I have had the same problem as well. I have a 2001 Toyota Sequoia that I have had that have noticed recent problems with. A couple of months I noticed that my check engine light came on, but I really did not mind it because was still driving. A this time noticed that once in a while my car's engine would stop when I pushed on the brake pedal. I planned on fixing this but it was not an everyday thing. Now, this problem has become more of an issue. I just drove my car and it just stopped completely when I was waiting for a red light to turn green. I noticed that the VSC lights were on as well. In order for me to turn the car back on, i had to turn the gear back to park to start the car and then shift it to drive. I did this about 10 times on my way home. I am amlost got into an accident when the car's engine stopped. What exactly do you think could be the problem ? The car has recently got a new battery. I am still trying to see if I can pin point the eaxct issue so that I can fix my car soon. I would greatly appreciate any feedback regarding this matter.

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