Q: Why my repair man can't get his computer to read the problem with my air cond? on 2008 Kia Rondo

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Blew hot air then cold air last year. Need to know if it is the compressor, Kia wants $800 and my mechanic can do it for a little over $400, but wants to be sure it is the compressor. NO communication from Kia computer to his "state of the art" computer. Any help out there??
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Your repair man can not diagnose the compressor clutch (if it is working or not) with a computer or diagnostic tool. For there is no sensor to read or monitor that particular function. You have to physically watch to see if that compressor is functioning. The belt will turn the pulley on the compressor wheel itself, but the part that needs to work is the compressor. If the compressor is not being driven, you will not get cold air. The only thing between the drive belt pulley and the compressor is the A/C clutch. The biggest problem that I have run into with these A/C units is the fact that the clutches are failing, and the fact that you can not remedy this by simply replacing the clutch assembly. Everywhere I look tells you that you need to replace the entire assembly.