Q: why my aveo has a mis and has trouble taking off on 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

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it seems to get worse tke more you drive the check engine light and hold light flash
(2) Answers
several things can cause a engine miss, however if your check engine light is on that would be the first place to start. Scan the car for the codes, if you don't have a scan tool most local auto parts stores will do that for you free of charge. If you only have one cylinder misfiring you will get the code number for that cylinder then check the coil, plug, wire and fuel injector for that cylinder. That should be as far as you need to go the find the problem. If all those parts check out good then you would need to go further with a compression test or leak down test. That would be to check internal damage to rings, valves, or leaking head gasket.
you need to get the coil wiring replaced as well as the spark plugs on the cylinders too. And also the air filter will need to be replaced as well. Have them do a diagnostic on the Check Engine light to see if that is the problem. More than likely it is the problem. It will cost you close to $800 to get this problem fixed. If you take it to a cheaper mechanic, then you will pay around $400 or less.
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