Q: Why isn't my ac charging or getting cold? I think my compressor burnt out. on 2002 Mercury Sable

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I recently tried to recharge my ac with the recharge bottles sold at Auto Zone and it did not get cold. So I added more. Thinking I may have over charged the system, I released all the pressure from the low charge valve then recharged to proper pressure level. Driving 30mi in 100+ degree heat the system did not get cooler, instead the compressor started smoking! And now sounds racketing.
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Sounds like them system needs some replacement parts now. Have the system diagnosed by an A/C technician to get it working properly.
Thanks, I obtained a replacement ac compressor from a doner car. I plan to swap it out and have the system inspected for leaks and clogs, then have it recharged and lubricated with the proper equipment.
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