Q: Why is there a knocking noise coming from the front end of my 2007 T&C? on 2007 Chrysler Town & Country

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The noise does not happen when I accelerate or when I press the break peddle. It just recently started happening, we have owned the car for 2 years.
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When does it happen? When turning, coasting at hwy speed, bumpy road..etc....Any work done on the van at all lately?
It generally happens when coasting, starts at about 10 mph. The only work that has been done on it recently was the front breaks were replaced.
There's your problem!! Caliper mounting or brake pad hardware missing or incorrectly installed...when you apply the brakes it tightens everything up, thus no noise until you release brakes!
Well it needs to be checked out!! Something aint right with the brake job!! Have a "mèchanic'' take a look at it...
Noise is gone, I had to tighten the top bolt on the front passenger brake. I made sure the drivers side were tight also.