Q: Why is my transmission fluid reservoir not able to hold or maintain any fluid? on 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300E 4MATIC

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After filling with trans fluid, I start engine, begin to drive and notice a great deal of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes. After 10 minutes of the burning smoke, I turn the engine off and measure the transmission dipstick. It measures empty. This problem has been happening with regularity.
(2) Answers
Are you checking the fluid level with it NOT running as you post states? Maybe you're overfilling it and that's causing it to build pressure and blow back out each time. Maybe someone else out there will add a reply , but so far Hondas'/Acuras' are the only ones I know of , that get check while NOT running , all others , that I know of are checked , when warm/hot , while idling in park or neutral (level ground a MUST). You don't have the owners manual or access to a dealer to question about the method do you?
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