Q: why is my gas hand showing half tank but over flowing on 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

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when i first got my 02 blazer extreme we would go to fill it up when the gas hand hit a half a tank anything more than that would pour out the bottom of that truck so we would have to stop putting gas in and would be able to drive 133+ miles so we started judging gas by mileage well may 25 we were on the highway and we had ended up[ running out of gas and since then my gas hand hasn't worked can someone help me?
(3) Answers
Sounds to me like you need a new tank or fill hose and 'maybe' a pump module, since tank will be removed. Ever fix the leak? 133+ miles will be about 1/2 of a tank of gas, so seems your gauge was right!!!! I get approx. 300 mi. on a full tank in my 2000 Blazer.
agree with miles auto. gm cars when fuel level gauge sensor goes bad next will be your fuel pump. i would change the fuel pump now because they are together in one assembly and solve your problem.