Q: Why is my car trying to run hot? on 1996 Mazda MX-6

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When i drive it it trys to run hot. Past the middle then bounces back. When i slow down is when it gets the closest to the H.
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check the coolant level first when cold. look inside the radiator.
the thermostat may be at fault if the coolant is ok.
make sure the cooling fans are operating when it gets hot.
just some basics to check before looking for more problems.

I checked the coolant level but im not sure i looked in the radiator. I jus checked the plastic tube were you put the anti freeze that was fine i added more and still running hot. I will get someone to check the thermostat. The antifreeze did look a lil funny and discolored.
You didn't give me any details, like engine type and size, transmission type, or much about what the gauge does when it's warming up from cold, or in conditions like idling in traffic and running down the open road.
I'll assume that you've checked the coolant level and it's OK.
If it tends to be normal when on open road, but gets hot at ldle, I'd thnk first that the electric cooling fans for the radiator aren't operating. That could be caused by a blown fuse, a failed relay or worn out fan motors.
If it gets hot on open road and then suddenly cools off, then I think of a failing thermostat. I'd recommend a Mazda specialist, here's a directory link for you:
thanks. But its a v6 it warms up from cold normal goes to the middle then starts gettin hot. Its fine when on the highway but warms up pretty quickly when i slow down.