Q: Why is my car making an loud noise?! on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

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I hit a curb today and I didnt notice anything wrong with my car right away. Then while I was driving the check oil light came on and so I wemt and got oil and put it in my car. After that my car got very loud! And then the car battery came on and then the car died. I was able to start it again but it was running very loud and driving very slow.
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it sounds like you have a blown engine ,does the noise sound like a knocking noise coming from engine?
Did you bend/break the exhaust pipe? Is this the first time oil light has come on? Oil pouring out from underneath?
if your still losing oil, or drove for to long after oil light came on, u may have ran dry cylinder. this causes scoring which causes all sorts of noises and kills performance. not good. also could have damaged other internals. you need to get it to a shop so a tech. can inspect. it may seize up entirely.
carry lots of oil with you. check underneath for sign of leak. my advice is not to attempt drive at all, have tow.
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