Q: why is my car driving like the gas is being pushed, I have to keep break pushed on 2005 Ford Taurus

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My car is driving like the gas is being pushed, and I have to drive while holding the break, and it's hard to stop, when I put the car into park it revs high, as if the gas is being pushed.
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Sometimes this is due to a vacuum leak, the throttle cable from the gas pedal could be haning up, or your floor mat may be holding down the gas pedal. Because I don't know your mechanical experience with cars check the floor mat first. Then check the throttle cable at the throttle body to be sure its allowing the throttle to close all the way. If that isn't the problem you probably have a vacuum leak. It may be best to have a shop look at this for you. There could be other problems causing this but I'm sorry that I stumped if what I listed is not the cause.
Thanks, but yes my first thought was to check if something was holding the gas down. the pedal is loose, I took it into a shop and they said they think its a intake gasket leak, I hope that is what it is, I'm a bit cautious of trusting everything from a shop. Thank you, I thought it may have been the throttle cable as well.
no I dont use cruise, I also checked that to make sure I didnt turn it on by mistake..