Q: Why is my 96 buick stalling when its hot? on 1996 Buick Regal

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I recently replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter in my 96 buick regal. Now when the car gets to a normal but hot condition it runs rough or wont restart until it cools down. Could something else be wrong with my car? If so what? It starts right up when its cold, but when it gets hot and you turn it off for a short time, it is hard to start and/or runs rough.
(2) Answers
Hi. Are you sure you put the filter on correctly? Remember, arrow points toward the motor. You never said why you replaced the pump or filter. Maybe you had another problem?
I too have the same problem, It's fine when it's cold but after about an hour of driving if i shut it off it runs very rough on restart for a couple minutes. I believe it to be the mass air flow sensor or crankshaft sensor.