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Q: Why is my 95 Volkswagen Golf III GL intermittent sputtering? on 1995 Volkswagen Golf

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My VW Golf has been doing this since about 2 to 3 months now. I have replaced numerous parts in the car since I got it almost a year ago (thanks to the trustworthy owner prior to me *sarcasm*). So far, due to this problem I have replaced the breather, the breather tube, the mass air flow sensor, and spark plugs (cost me $24 each!) + spark plug wires (of course). Also, I replaced the distributor, fuel pump, clutch, clutch cable, flywheel, starter & alternator. After replacing all of that and much much more it still seems to be doing the same dang thing! When the problem first started (before I replaced the above parts) it didn't even want to start, it would try to turn over until finally I gave up, normally about 1 minute later. After I replaced those parts it started like a normal VW Golf does, but now whenever I'm going down the road it bucks a little while sputtering, almost like it's out of gas but it's not. Now, the sputtering goes away temporarily after I let up on the gas but it still occurs a few moments later. Also, to add to all of this ever since before I got the car it has had the temperature light flashing. I don't know if that's related or not. I called a VW Tech in Kansas City about all of these problems and he told me to change out the above parts and it should work. I haven't had any other resolutions regarding this issue. CAN ANYBODY HELP?!?!?
How is your car going up a long hill? I ask this because you did not mention the Fuel Filter! Let me know. Also did you replace the inside the tank pick-up sock with the new pump?
Change the temperature sensor; when the computer senses a drastic fluctuation in engine temperature it adjusts the fuel mixture and can stall a cylinder. Not sure where the temperature sensor actually is but I almost guarantee that once you replace it the hesitation will go away. Had the same problem in another vehicle.
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