Q: Why is my 2002 Sl2 haveing white smoke coming out of tailpipe on 2002 Saturn SL2

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I just got a LOF done a new air filter and a new PCV this was all done today and it was fine went to store and noticed alot of White smoke coming out of tailpipe and never done this before. I had used 10w 40 for the oil and they put 5w 30 in it. what could be the problem?
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The white smoke most likely is not oil. Does the white smoke appear at idle. If so you need to go back at the tailpipe and smell the smoke, not for long. Carbon monoxide does kill. Serious, if it smells sweet it is a coolant leak. Intake manifolds are plastic and they do crack and leak coolant into the intake, causing white smoke at the tailpipe. Check your radiator coolant level at the radiator when the engine is cold.
I smelt this morning and there is no sweet smell and there was no smoke this mornig when I started it or while I was driving but last night at idle there was and when I took off from a stop I gassed on it and there was alot of it and now there is none....I am confused?
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