Why engine stopped while driving in traffic and lost power when restarted. on 2012 Ford Edge

After restarting, noticed that engine has lost its' power that hardly could move the vehicle forward. I managed somehow to pull it over to the side of the road, rested it for about 10-15 minutes and started again. This time it's back to normal.

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Light on in dash?
Tool (spanner) icon and AWD off warning lamps on.
Have it scanned, possible trans issue. Any warranty (mileage) left? If so, see dealer.
Warranty according to dealer covers only engine and transmission up to 100K. Vehicle is in the dealer right now. Called them yesterday and they said throttle body should be replaced but according to them it's not considered as engine problem so it's not covered. I wonder if changing the throttle body would solve the issue, hopefully.
It's bumper to bumper for 36,000 my question.... Yours over that?
Yes, mine got 89k already and first time to have this issue.