Q: Why doesn't the dual switch on the driver's side work for the electric windows? on 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager

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Just recently, the dual switch for the front power windows started working intermittently, and now doesn't work at all. I checked the main fuse behind the center console -- O.K. The passenger side power window switch works fine for that window, but the driver's side window won't roll up at all. Any ideas?

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I would guess a switch. To make sure, you will need to take the door panel off and get to the window motor connector. Get a test light, and connect it to the 2 wires going to the motor. If the light turns on when you work the switch, the switch is probably good. You can check the window motor by giving it power and ground, if the motor works, and the switch turns the light on, then you have a wiring issue that can be difficult to locate. I would recommend taking it to a professional at that point.
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