Why does your 1994 f250 5.8l have high idle after warm on 1994 Ford F-250

truck runs for a couple of miles till warmed up, then idle kicks up to about 2100rpm, and won't kick down. Turn truck off then back on, it runs normal. I have cleaned throttle body, replaced idle air control valve.

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i have the same problem ,with my f-250 4x4 automatic trans 5.8l.. also when warm (running temp)trans shifts eratically and ocassionally loses trans fluid out of the over flow (in bellhousing)i have read about these problems on many sites i have not yet come across a solution.intermitently it will run perfect.turn off and back on doesnt help with mine ,but if it did i would check the tps (because it resets itself every time you start the engine)
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If you unplug the wire going to you air idle control valve and it idles ok.....chances are that you pcm is bad that is what happened to my 1994 e-150 5.8 liter ford van...hope this helps you