Q: why does this 91 Buick Regal keep blowing crank sensors on 1991 Buick Regal

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We have replaced the ignition and the crank sensor. This is the 5th crank sensor put in this car in last few months
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Have mechanic check reluctor @ sensor. Surely this has been checked but may
mention it anyway. Are you being charged for each part?
The reluctor ring is what signals crank sensor does any of the sensors have any
markings on them like something has contacted them? Look at the end of the magnet.
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I'm not sure what you mean by "blowing", other than they electrically short & no longer work. If so, check the harness running down to the sensor that lies against the engine timing cover & where it makes its exit out of the main engine harness for broken wiring insulation. It sounds like you have a 'short to ground' or 'short to power', basically wires touching things they shouldn't. Also inspect the connector itself for broken insulators & bent contacts. Find where its touching, and wrap it up with elec tape, & you'll prob have solved your issue. If these things are atually getting damaged on the end where the pick-up is located, you have a problem that may only be fixed by replacing your crankshaft pulley assy (it has a steel ring on the inside that may be damaged).