Q: Why does the van cut off when it warms up? on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

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When you turn it on it will run untill it heats up And then shuts off untill it's cold again.
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You need to replace your fuel pump! It took me a year to find this out and i did so after many tow truck trips to the auto shop only to have it start when i got there. If you want to you can test it like i did by bypassing your ignition and putting in a switch to your fuel pump and just before you start your van flick it on and you will hear it start up and the next time you have the problem you will notice that when you flick the switch on you will not hear a sound and when it cools down you will hear it and it will start right up the only bad thing is that you have to pull the gas tank to replace ( so drive it until the tank is almost empty) and when you replace it you will also be replacing your gas gage sensor (there all part of the same unit) so make sure you get the right one because if you don't you wont know how much gas you have in your tank and taking back a part really sucks when you have to pull your tank to get it but check with NAPA auto parts because they have a few different kinds at different prices so good luck. TIM C Los Angeles Ca. By the way i was a cable TV installer when this happened so in the summer time it happened a lot !!!