Q: why does the iod fuse blow on my 1998 chevy blazer? on 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

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a few weeks back my battery died and a friend swaped battery's with me. when the new battery got installed the security light came on. I was still able to drive my blazer. a week after driving it with the security light on my battery went dead again. so i changed the battery back to mine. when i went to start my blazer it wouldn't start. it acted as if it wanted too but it sounded like it wasn't getting fuel. so after changing the fuel pump and filter, it was still not starting. i took it to a chevy dealer to reset the security codes. it ran for about a week, and the battery died again now it's having the same problem. after much research i find out it's an iod fuse. i'm just confused on why the fuse blows when the battery dies.
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