Q: why does the horn still not work? on 2000 Plymouth Voyager

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2000 plymouth voyager, 2.4L . My airbag light came on so I did some research and found the clockspring could be bad. I had it replaced, but still no horn. I checked the horn itself and is good. There is a small trace of voltage at the black/red wire behind the airbag/ horn assy. at steering wheel. Not enough power to activate horn I guess. What is wrong with it?
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first of all, the wire at the top of the steering column is a ground for the horn relay. it is not a power but a ground. the relay may be at fault if you applied voltage to the horn and it worked.

There is a ground cable already attached to this assy. Are they both grounds? Also I changed the relay. It looked burned on one terminal. The realy is good, the fuse is good, but I am guessing the horn wires have power at all times and the horn switch activates the ground. Does this sound correct to you? There is not much else besides a defective horn switch or a grounded wire.
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