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Q: Why does the engine hesitate only after rain? on 1992 Toyota Pickup

Truck runs normal when dry but whenever it rains the engine hesitates and putters badly at times. I have done many things to try and resolve to included replaced distributer and rotor, new plugs and wires, changed the fuel filter but nothing seems to have worked. All parts replaced are original as well. I even took it to a dealer and they checked errors and found one to replace water temperature sensor. I replaced that as well and no difference. Dealer spent several days trying to find the problem and by that time it got dry and ran normal thereby thinking its fixed; that is not the case especially since it has rained and running terribly and at times dangerous during moments of nearly no acceleration.

Does anyone know what the problem might be other than trying what I've stated? This problem has been persistent and frustrating because the truck runs great at other times and I am the original owner.
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Two different questions to answer here, first the 03 truck has on board diagnostics but a scan tool is needed to retrieve codes stored in the computer of your truck.Don't be worried that because several warning lights are on that there are several problems. Many sensors are shared between the engine and transmission control, and the traction control and anti lock brake circuit. One sensor failure can cause several systems to fail, or appear to fail.
As regards to both vehicles having problems in moist weather conditions. I take a spray bottle (like Windex or any household product) fill it with water. With the engine running, mist the water from the spray bottle over the ignition wires and distributor. Ignition insulation should insulate and if while spraying water over a certain plug wire or electrical connection or if you see or hear spark jumping you have found the area where insulation has broken down. Look at the coil tower I have seen the ignition coil fail and moisture allows the spark produced in the coil to short or take an easier path to ground rather than jump across the spark plug. Is the ignition rotor new?
I'm having a similiar issue w/my 2003 v8 4ruunner. Prior to the hurricane (rain), my vehicle was running fine. Now the brake, check engine, and VSC trac/VSC lights are on and it's jumpy. My son (non mechanic) says it's my transmission. I'm praying that that isn't the case. The brake light has been coming on periodically ever since a gust of wind blew ice from a tractor trailer on to my vehicle and knocked my windshield out during a snow storm earlier this year. I'm a female and I already know that any mechanic is going to attempt to take me for a ride, especially if it's my transmission.
i have a 1989 Toyota that i have been doing work to . my truck did the same thing and i found it was the connection at my oxygen sensor underneath the truck. it may be corroded or the wire may have melted on the exhaust or the seal for the plug is no good if you get some good waterproof electrical tape and wrap the plug that may cure it . hope that helps you out. as for the windshield issue did it also have sheet metal damage or just glass if there was sheet metal damage then maybe a wire has been partially severed and acts up when wet weather happens. Yotaboy
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