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Q: why does the car keep blowing fuses on 2002 Chrysler Sebring

the 2002 sebring blowes the fuse that says (starter/fuel pump) almost everytime the car starts. i have to change the fuse and jump it. if i dont jump it ,it will blow the fuse again.i dont know if it has a bad starter or fuel pump. it may have a loose wire somewhere or a bad battery. can someone please help me. thanx
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I had the same problem. After some research online, I found the cause was most likely the starter blowing the fuse. You probably have to replace the starter.
This seems to be a common problem.(20amp #8) I just had the same problem with my 1998. A guy on another board moves his car when the problem reoccurs. That doesn't make any sense since the starter doesn't move when you roll the car. But it worked for me. 1 day when I'm bored and want to spend my time and money I will replace the starter or at least the solenoid.
I Have a 2001 Sebring. I never had this problem UNTIL I had a AUTO START ALARM installed on my vehicle. Ever since the alarm was installed, it has been a problem. I noticed that when the alarm would go off, it would burn out the fuse. The alarm install shop owner showed me which fuse to change out. I thought WHAT KIND OF A WORK AROUND IS THIS????? Had a feeling this was going to lead to more problems. I have never had any problems until I had the alarm installed. It seems like every time I was turning around...I was changing the darn fuse. This has been going on for a few years now. I have also recently had my fuel pump replaced, water pump replaced. spent $750.00 on repairs. I get the car out of the shop it ran GREAT for a few days!...then the boyfriend gets stranded. I go to where he is...I could see it wouldn't start. I re told him about the FUSE PROBLEM...apparently, he didn't remember my telling him. We tried that, it didn't work. We literally changed the fuse, I watched the fuse blow right when he would turn the key! We did this 5 times! I carry around a big pack of fuses as I know to do this. So, I am thinking that when the alarm was installed...the technician screwed up the wiring in my car to cause this and the problem has just gotten worse and worse. I am furious and am ready to go to the owner of the shop of the alarm installer and advise them that this is seriously caused a problem as I never had this happen until the auto start was added. I am getting ready to have mechanic go over the electrical wit=ring, if they find that the alarm IS tied into it...They will be sued!
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