Q: Why does the car heater stop blowing warm air at a stop and warm up slowly? on 2006 Ford Taurus

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The temperature guage appears to be working well and the car is not overheating at all. We have filled the coolant resevoir and the radiator with anti freeze and we cannot find a leak. The heater does eventually warm up, but only after about 30 minutes of driving and the warm air quickly goes away when stopped at a stop light, then warms back up while the car is moving.
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I suspect it coulkd be simpley a stuck open thermostat. Most Fords the temp guage at full operating tempuature the guage should indicate appox. 2/3s on its scale. If the guage is indicating lower than it should the heat will be low also. Replace thermostat with a new one if this appears to be the case. If that appears to be ok the other common issue we see is a clogged heater core. Sometimes flushing the heater core will help this and in worst cases the heater core needs to be replaced. A good technician can determine this for you.
Thanks for your help! Do you think my fairly auto savvy husband can fix it? If not, how much should I expect to pay a mechanic?
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He probably can do a thermostat if your trying to save a few bucks....Average cost for parts and labor on thermostat should be around $100 in a shop. If its the heater core ....may be out of his league. Make a drive to Richmond and I can fix it for you. Good luck.
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