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Q: Why does the car backfire and die out when I'm trying to crank it? on 1995 Chevrolet Corsica

When I try to start the car, it does not turn over, then it backfires. If I do get the vehicle started it dies or goes into drive at 5mph and will not pick up speed for about 7-8 minutes
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Cranking the engine comes from the time when a cranking tool was used to 'turn the engine over' which is now done by the starter motor. Starting the engine is what happens after the cranking process and the engine is running. To us it can be difficult to tell what is ment by "it wont turn over as many use this term to describe a 'no start' condition and others use to describe a no crank condition, which to us is the more accurate of the two! So a no crank means the starter is not working. A no start means the starter is cranking/turning the engine but it will not start/run. We see this quite often.
Well what should I do to try and correct the problem??? there was someone looking at it and he states that something was flooded and smelled of gas.... he look the rubber connection apart and I tried to crank it again and it REALLY backfired with smoke!!!! I need help ASAP!
ASAP? I bet! Check for water in fuel, that can/will cause those symptoms! Keep in mind all we can do is guess at it!
the car will not crank...when I turn the key lights and everything comes on, but it still will not crank... in the process of of trying to crank the car, it MAY start but then it backfires and stalls. and it may take me 20 minutes to get the vehicle started. today it wouldn't start at all!!!
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OK; Still having to try and understand, the won't crank sounds you are saying that the engine is spinning with the starter engaged and the engine is turning but not starting, because of the word backfires. Had one recently with the same symptoms. Are we on the same page so far?
exactly...... it does all of what u are saying, but it just doesn't catch....then it backfires..... Also, if the car is started, when I try to actually drive it, seems like it is stalling out, but it just WILL NOT pick up speed.... normally takes a few minutes to get acceleration....
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Thanks; I had one recently with the same issues, it was a nightmare. The fuel pressure was bad and changed the pump and filter. Then it was flooding, changed the fuel pressure regulator, removed and cleaned the injectors. The plug wires were jumping fire, the plugs were fouled, one coil was bad, the compression was 35 pounds, the timing chain was good, vacuum was minimal, sensors were in specs, 200,000 miles. The engine was just wore out, customer got the car used and was hoping to fix it and resale it. So to try and answer your question without being able to see it, this one started with a P0300 code and too expensive to make a driver.
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