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Q: Why does the blower reasistor always goes out on 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

My 2005 Chevy Colorado's heater/ AC blower motor control knob only works only on high (No.4 knob position) This part was repaired by the Chevy dealer once and it worked for about 2 weeks then it was down again. I have replaced the blower motor resistor after that and worked for about a week and it went out again. I'm baffled!
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It is not the resistor but loose wiring. I have two Colorados and both have this problem. If blower doesn't work you can just move the wiring underneath the glove compartment and the blower starts working at the other speeds. You probably move the wiring when you change resistors and it works until it looses connection again. I have not taken time to pinpoint the source yet.
i had this problem a while back, took the plug out from under the passenger side dash (under the glove box) got a wire brush and some electical cleaning spray, lightly brushed and cleaned the contacts for the selector switch and haven't had a problem since (problem was about 4 years ago)
So what do I do now? (too much draw from the blower motor) why does other truck exactly the same as mine have no other problem once the resistor is replaced?
I had mine repaired with just the resistor, but on my Dodge Durango the blower motor sometimes causes the resistor to fail again. The blower motor draws too much and causes the resistor to fail again. So replacing both the blower motor and resistor at the same time fixed the problem. Then again if your resistor appears burned or melted you may need to replace the plug with the wires ( the wiring harness) and the resistor and probably the blower motor.
Same thing happened to me. Dealer replaced a burned out resistor on the switch and no problems since then...
The problem is caused by a loose connection at the resistor, and will worsen if not corrected.
I found that removing the resistor under the glove box and twisting the four pins in the resistor array to make a tighter connection solved the problem. This solution works if the connection is not badly burned. If it is, you will need to replace the resistor, and perhaps the wiring harness.
Hope this helps.
i had the same problem so i took it back in and it is a resitor that keeps going out they had problems with them for awhile and some resitors are made different and some are just out right bad
Replace the pigtail connector when replacing the resistor. Once the wire connections heat up they are loose and will keep heating up burning out the new resistor.
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