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Q: Why does Power steering pump keep running when battery reconnected on 2004 Mini Cooper

Had new PAS pump fitted then had other work done a few months later, requiring battery disconnection. Now pump keeps running when engine is off. Can anyone help? Thank you. Onekerryb
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If the power steering motor can only be shut off by removing power to it, the control module, which is part of the pump, is bad, and the pump needs to be replaced.
Check that the power steering pump cooling fan operates with the radiator cooling fan - if it does not, the power steering pump can overheat and this will shorten its life
Hi thank you. But please can you tell me why this has happened? And what happens if j replace it and need to disconnect the battery in the future? Surely this is not normal? Thank you very much :)
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First take it to whomever replaced the pump so they can see if there is a warranty on the part. What causes premature failure is to check that the power steering pump cooling fan operates with the radiator cooling fan - if it does not, the power steering pump can overheat and this will shorten its life

Hi, thank you. Apparently it functions fine, it's simply that it won't stop when the ignition had been turned off.
This only happened after the battery was disconnected for a short time.
Are you saying that the disconnection of the battery has no bearing on it and it is simply a co incidence that the CBU (if that's the right abbreviation) has gone nuts for no apparent reason?
Many thanks for your help. :)
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The problem you mention of the pump runs with key in off position is caused by a failed Control Module. The module is integeral with the pump. I mentioned the possiable cause of its failure....but sometimes parts fail for no apperant reason. If its only been a few months since you paid for someone to fix your car, I suggest you take it back to that shop for possible warranty repair.
Thank you for that. Something odd happened earlier. I reconnected the battery so I could take my son to college. Noise still there. I had to do a 3 point turn in the car park. As I turned the wheel to mak a right turn I lost the power steering. I turned off the ignition and noticed the pump noise had gone. I restarted it. The power returned to normal and I drove home. I then turned the ignition off, no noise, and then on again. Drive around the block and it seems normal now. If the control module is kahput, would it do this?
Thank you.
Ps I did not own the car when the pump was fitted. I just have the receipt for the fitting but not the part.(
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That's electronics for ya....problem may come back later....only can wait and see. If you are concerned for safety sake, you may want to have a professonal technician check it for stored fault codes and also test your battery and electrical charging system. Low battery voltage can sometimes cause strange problems with electronic control modules.
Yes thank you. I'm having a bush replaced in a day or two so I'm going to ask him to run a diagnostic check for any codes that come up! Thank you for your help and advice. Hope other mini users gain some benefit.
No doubts I'll be back again. Have a good day :)
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