Q: Why does My truck dies when making a complete stop when using tow haul? on 2009 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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This is the second time this happened, was driving down the interstate with my 9000 pound fifth wheel. I was using the tow haul switch but right before making a complete stop the engine died, this happened when I was taking the exit to my destination. Both times I had to engage the brake a little bit to hard. I have the brake control set at 6.5. When I try to start the engine again it will crank but don't start. If I wait about 15 minutes it will start again. I wonder if i'm doing something wrong. This happened only when exiting the interstate and using the tow haul switch. The first time it did it was about four months ago and I thought it was the fuel because a had only a quarter of the tank left but after a few tries it started back up. This second time I had over half a tank of diesel, so I just waited the 15 minutes to started again. I will appreciate any advises!!
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