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Q: why does my steering wheel not come back to normal position like it use too on 2000 Dodge Caravan

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i was getting my brakes bleeded in my friend did it the lazy way by turning my steering wheel with engine on , so he could get to the bleeder screw - now my steering wheel wont turn back to its center position - i have to help it sometimes-- it does spin back around but just not as far as it should- it seem like i have to turn the wheel even more just to get it to turn -- what did he mess up on my steering wheel???
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Nothing he could have messed up just by turning the steering wheel. It is supposed to be turned, engine running or not! Any strange noise now when turning the wheel? I think maybe you are just being a little paranoid about it now!
well he turn the wheel intill the wheel couldnt turn no more in i heard this little grinding noise in i saw alittle smoke coming from the engine so i told him to stop - so when he turn the wheel other way as far as he could-- i hear this pop.---now im the one whose driving the van ok so i think i would notice the different in my steering wheel-- thats why i ask the question duhhh
And you received an answer from a certified technician that has been doing this for over 40 years! Have a mechanic check this out as I cannot. You seem to have a lot of questions according to your bio. just click on your screen name CANDY69 to see them all. No need to reply, I will NOT respond further, nor in the future!!
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Are you kidding me, just read several questions. What a blond history. I'm done with her.
There is more, remember the one with the 1995 Toyota Celica that said the shop tried to rip her off by saying the drain plug to the diff. was leaking? That one is another waste of time!
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Shouldn't have been anything to do with the bleeding, maybe just coincidental. I always have bad luck; If it's going to happen, it's going to happen to me! If your wheel is harder to turn than normal, more than likely your power steering has problems. Check your fluid level, if good, maybe power steering pump or rack & pinion going bad. Have someone check it for you.
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Wow I was typing a reply, when I got done all this other was already said. Sorry there was no response when I started typing, Surprised I was. Anyway the only other thing I might mention about the popping noise is, the pivot points in the steering of the wheels pivot on ball joints. Now some of these are sealed at the factory and are not greaseable. They will dry out in time, and not pivot as easily. I think I understand what you mean about coming back to center. This might be checked to see if this is your problem, Also check the outer tie rods, and make sure they aren't dried out as well.
why would the outer tie rods get dry out by him just turniing the wheel intill i wont turn no more-- my steering dont shake so its not the outer tie rods -I DO NOT HEAR ANY NOISE COING FROM MY VAN SO ITS NOT THE pivot on ball joints
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They dry out with age. As I said it may be coincidental that you turned your wheel farther than you normally do and now it has showed up. Have it checked to see if this is your problem our something else.
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No it would not be shaking. I guess now I feel the same as the other guy did. Just trying to help, I know what I'm trying to say, and the reason for it, I didn't say they were loose or worn. If you have a dry or non-greased component it will not turn as easy as a greased one will. If your wheel bearings were not greased. Your car wouldn't roll as easy either. Anyway guess you don't need to ask anymore questions because have your own answers. Maybe try someplace to take your car so they can show you, it can't be explained to you over the computer. Have a great evening.
Prolly held the steering at lock for to long, can damage power steering pump while vehicle is running. Every manual in just about every car says "do not hold steering wheel at either lock for more than 10 seconds" except for the electric power steering of corse. Its sad a 40yr tech dident even ponder the idea
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