Q: Why does my mom's 1993 Honda Accord engine race without warning? on 1993 Honda Accord

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It most recently did it when she started up in my driveway on 12/17. Fortunately, her car wasn't in gear. The engine made a very strained noise at starting up so fast. A few years ago, it took off when she was parking and she ran into a wooden gate, but managed to drive around a block fence. Her Honda dealer couldn't find a problem. Help!
(3) Answers
It will have to be checked while it is acting up.I mean no disrespect at all but this is usually caused by pedal misapplication.
If it were a mechanical problem it should do it more often. When it just took off with her,(when she was parking) the brakes would not stop the car?
Does anyone else drive the car and had this happen? I am sorry but i say it is driver error! In any event tell your mom to be careful!!
Yes, I know, ain't no way it is my falt! There is a Honda tech. here that may know of any problems with this car. Maybe he will help us out.
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