Q: Why does my jeep make a terrible noise from the front differential? on 2005 Jeep Wrangler

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Okay I took my jeep up a little hill that required 4 wheel drive after I made it up the hill my front differential was making almost like a griding noise. I checked the diff oil and there are some metal shavings in it.
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check your spider gears... i blew the teeth apart on my dana 35 rear axle with 34" super swampers. Also check your ring and pinion by jacking up the front and spinning the tire to check the teeth for damage, however this is less likely the problem. The spider gears are the most likely to obtain damage and are a relatively cheap easy DIY fix
Either the ring and pinion or a carrier bearing has failed and will need to be inspected by shop, I wouldn't use 4 wheel drive until this is repair or further damage will occur. You can locate a shop here
Why does my jeep make a terrible noise from the rear differential? I drive a 2005 commander jeep.