Q: Why does my grand Prix keep shutting off? on 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

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If I change the maf sensor and delete the code from the computer it will run again but eventually stall, the motor is a 99 and the car is a 2002, could the computer be bad?
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I m doubting it , does it shoot any codes now , u need more testing , was the car running fine with
The changed engine up to this point ??
Did u change maf with new 1 or used , they were known not to make good
Connection or loose connection at plug ...
It always puts the mass air flow code into the computer and the other day we didn't change the sensor when it shut off and we just erased the code and it started just fine. The motor has been in the car and ran great for the last few years. Could there be another sensor putting that code into the computer and keeping it from running?
There was a way to converted to high speed density
Its been a long time , it was for certain cars , it like bypasses
The maf , i think it was a computer chip u have to put in from dealer
I remember it was on the front wheel drive v6 , call dealer service
And ask if it was for that ..u buy the updated chip and it
Changes it to like a carburator were it doesnt meter the the chip only , u open computer and change chip ..