Q: Why does my engine stall frequently while driving? on 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager

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I have a 96'Plymouth Grand Voyager SE,3.8l V6,that stalls out frequently, fuel filter,fuel pump and several sensors have been replaced. The engine will run sputtering..and then all at once the tach drops to "0", check engine light goes on and off,occasionally the rear wiper comes on and then shuts off as quickly as it came on! A ghost in the works is the best description...when the engine does a timing issue! I have plenty of power, when things don't intermitantly occur...If the engine stalls out..if on the road..I can pull over..and 2 things starts up and runs fine until the next onslaught....or it won't start and I'll have to wait a minute or so to resume driving. I have noticed that when backfiring, I can put my transmission in neutral and it'll stop missing and revs normal, till I pull it into drive and it'll backfire once fuel pressure tests normal when checked...does this model have an electronic control module issue? I can't be the only soul with this problem...I've been told dashboard clusters can cause this too...or could a defective wiring harness cause this to happen...someone please patience and revenue are running on empty!!! Chris in Kentucky
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I am also having the exact same problem on my 1997 grand voyager please anyone who can point us both in the direction of solving this issue please do so
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