Q: Why does my engine light flashes above 65 MPH (above 2500 RPM) on 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

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Ever since the dealer replaced my instrument cluster, the engine light will flash above 65 MPH if driven at a constant speed (random misfire). If I drive at various speed going from 60 to 70 back and forth, its fine. I took it to the dealer (another), and they can not find anything wrong with it. I had them replace the wire and plug, still no help. One old mechanic told me that when they replace the instrument cluster, they did not recalibrate the crankshaft. Could this be the problem? Been driving below 65 MPH for the last year. Can anyone help?
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Take the advice of that one old mechanic and from another old mechanic! Have a "Crankshaft Poistion Relearn" procedure performed that should take care of this issue! Any GOOD MECHANIC should be able to do this with a GOOD SCANNER! A Snap-on Modis scanner will work nicely. This will fix a PO300 misfire code and flashing light when there is actually NO MISFIRE(S)!
Thank you, will be taking to the dealer this week. will let you know what the out come.