Q: Why does my driver's side floor keep getting wet? on 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

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The car also smells musty. There doesn't seem to be any water running down the doors, or noticeable drips anywhere!
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You may not notice and I do not know for sure but my passenger side had the same issue when the rubber lining tube was pulled loose from the bottom of the car door. It has plastic plugs that had to be popped back into the door. After it was put back in place the floorboard stayed dry and I didn't experience any more seeping from rain. It couldn't be done by hand. The mustiness came from the floor rug being wet and drying.
Do you water coming in on the passenger side too, and does it smell like antifreeze. It sounds like the heater core or heater core hose to me. If you havevany questions call me at 859-327-0235.