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Q: Why does my car just turn off and on while driving?? on 1994 Nissan Sentra

I recently had my alternator replaced and the belts. Also my battery is brand new. AND also right before this problem happened there was a weird buzzing noise around where my fuse box is..I mean it would buzz off and on while driving. I looked to see if anything was wrong but everything looked fine. Please help!!
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The buzzing noise is one of your relays going bad, most likely it is an intermitten proble. You will need to test the relays to see which one is bad.
Also I'm a new driver and therefore new with cars. Should I just take it to a shop because I don't know what I'm doing to tell the truth...and is it going to be expensive just to replace the relays if that is the problem?
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Relays, usually are not expensive. There may be some diagnostic charges to figure out which relay is bad. However, You have not said the relay buzzes when the car stalls or It buzzes then the car stalls... I'm not so sure the original relay buzz back when the alternator quit is the source of your stalling issue going on now.
Ok my car is in the shop...but going back to my car problem it would shut off then turn back on. Right after that it would buzz for a second then do it over again like 5-8 minutes later...
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Looks like Sentras have some history of stalling problems related to a few different areas of the engine management system, none of which suggest a faulty alternator. I wouldn't think the new Alternator was the cause of your stalling issue but I have seen some weird stuff. Sentras have seen their fair share of EGR issues, Crankshaft sensor isuues, distributor issues and ECM issues all that will create the stalling issue you describe. Do you get a check engine light with the stalling issue? Most likely, the only way you will get to the root of the issue, and an accurate answer for what's going on, is through some diagnostic time with a qualified technician. Find a GOOD Diagnostic tech. (like our lead tech Eric - or anyone else with a known reputation for excellent diagnostic skills). A good diagnostic tech is a lot cheaper and a lot more productive than blindly throwing parts at a vehicle to hopefully solve a problem.
Hope this helps.
btw - the buzzing relay is easily fixed, just replace the affected relay. If the bussing has gone, your probably ok. It was most likely buzzing due to the low voltage condition created by the bad alternator.
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