Q: Why does my car die while I am driving? on 1997 Honda CR-V

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This has been occuring quite regularly. We changed the fuel filter thinking that may have been the problem, but after a few miles of driving, it died again ... and again. It starts right back up immediately and may go for a few miles or farther, but eventually it dies again.
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Call Honda see if your car was affected by or has a recall been done on the ignition switch electrical portion of the ignition switch. Next most common failure on this car would be the fuel pump relay or as Honda call it the main relay or PGMFI relay behind the dash. First of I would drive the car and verify fuel pressure or see if when the engine fails do the engine have fuel and spark.
This JUST happened to me on Saturday. Everyone told me - even the tow truck guy - that it was fuel related... but it's not... It was my distributor! Got it fixed yesterday afternoon.

Trust me - don't spend all that money on a fuel pump.
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