Q: why does my 2.8 v6 idle so high @2000 cold then when warm 1200 on 1993 Chevrolet S10

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the engine starts fine but idles around 2000 rpm then takes a long time to idle down and then its around 1200 rpm no check engine light its a 5 - speed ive changed 1 of the sending units the one in the intake manifold at the front
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Was it the coolant temp sender or sensor? The sensor is for the computer and is like a choke for fuel injection.
well that makes sense because i got no results by changing the 1 i did do you know where the sensor is located on this engine for the computer ?
Will likely be close to the thermostat housing and could be right next to the coolant temp sender. It will have a different connection than the sender will. Computer connectors have what is called a "weatherpack" connector with a little ribbed squishy piece to help keep water out when plugged in. If unsure then ask the parts store for the sensor and not the sender, if looks like what you already replaced then you are back to square one. You may also have a thermostat sticking open and causing the sensor to be fooled and think the engine is cold and this is why the rpm could stay higher than normal. Good luck.