Q: why does my 2009 ford escape stall at stops. on 2009 Ford Escape

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When stopping, the engine sometimes fails to idle and dies. It will restart ok but no error lites.
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check fuelline pressure...recently had to replace fuel filter and fuel pump. When you turn the key on listen in the back and see if you can hear the fuelpump turnig on. Use guage to see if fueline pressure is correct for your ride. Check and see if fuel filter is rusted and possibly plugged, it can restrict fuel and wear out fuelpump. I find original fuelfilters never changed before alot.Also, check throttle sensor. See My answer for other vehicle with throttle stickingstalls at stops for tips in checking and replace throttle sensors. I have replaced many on 80 on up to 2000's mainly on escorts, sables and torasses.....Marvelous.
You may want to order a new throttle body. This is located behind the hose that goes to the air filter box. It looks like a piece of aluminum. The part number is: FORD THROTTLE BODY DS7Z-9E926-D and YES THERE IS A RECALL on this item. If you have replaced it and still have access to the receipt you will be reimbursed by Ford. Call your local dealership and they will do this for free.
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