Q: Why does Mercedes CE 230 is overheat on 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300CE

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Hi Folks,

My Merc ce 230 is overheating. The temperature is reaching to "120" in 10 minutes of driving. The Temperature stands still at around 80-90 while driving however when the car slow downs/trafiic signal it increases rapidly.

I stay in Qatar and its summer right now, i think weather plays its role in this problem however the rest of the cars does not get heated to this extend.

If the temperature reaches 120 I have to either stop on the ROAD or on the road side and wait for it to cool down before driving again.

The mechanics here does not have a sound knowledge about why the car is over heating.....

I have to put water every 6 hours to run it...

Your valuable advise ot suggestiong are highly appreciated with regards to a permanent solution.

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