Q: why does it sound like I'm driving in 4x4 on the freeway on 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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there is also a clicking noise that is kind of muffled when the tire rotates on the drivers side..just started after changing out the knuckle rotors calipers and master cylinder. I also changed the steering box,pump and tie rod ends. Note does not shake anymore since changing the master cylinder.
I have a code reader car md and it says I have a plug in my book to plug it in but it is not where it says it is
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Start with your tires. You may have split the tread or belt inside. When the last time your differentials were serviced? Vibrations are caused by moving parts. Brakes may shake when applied but that is form worn suspension and or warped rotors. You can call Adrian at Milt's in Vallejo if you get stuck. (707)643-7548
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