Q: Why Does Interior Break Light Keep Coming On? on 1998 Mercury Mystique

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Not on all the time/steady, but random blinking - light typically goes off when I come to a stop. Breaks feel normal when using them, fluid is fine - car has 122K miles. Should note that radio and interior lights stopped working about 3 weeks ago. Guys at Tuffy say that is an electrical problem since fuses appear fine.
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Possible park brake indicator lamp malfunction. While pushing down on lever, see if light stays off.

Check ALL fuses for other problem! May appear fine, CHECK TO SEE WHICH ONE IS BLOWN!! Look in owners manual to find the correct fuse. Dont tell me you do not have the manual!
On Saturday, when my light first came on, went to Tuffy by my home to have them check the car - did a brake inspection and couldn't find problem. They also checked my fuses and found all fuses to be okay. They topped off my brake fluid and light went out. Took the car back today, burning up 1/2 a vacation day, and it would appear that brake lines to the rear tires are rusted and leaking fluid. They're working on it now and I'll pick car up later today ($425). Owner's manual is in glove box, and I'm going to drag it out when I get car back and personally check fuses.
Having similar problem. Mine is due to parking brake cable popped when I pressed on pedal. Now the parking break pedal flops and when it bounces light goes on and off. Seems like break release is ok.
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